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Windsurfing Lessons

Quick Details

Windsurf Beginner Group 2hrs
Windsurf Private 2hrs
Windsurf Kids-Camp 3 days
Windsurf Course 5 days

Learn to Windsurf in Maui

We offer all levels of Maui windsurfing lessons for you and your entire family. Total beginners will start on the longboard lessons learning all the basics and sail handling skills.

Our friendly instructors will teach you how to sail, and how to “read the wind.” The beginner lessons are scheduled in the mornings when the wind is lighter. We use small sails that are easy to lift and manage.

We have small sails for kids as young a six, and every size for the bigger riders. Longboards are big floaty boards that are very stable and easy to use. They make it possible to be up and riding on your very first lesson.

After a week or so on the longboard, you may want to try some shorter boards in the stronger winds.