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About Kiteboarding

Maui Sports Unlimited is dedicated to friendly and professional kiteboarding lessons and our ongoing ocean sports education programs. Close attention paid to every detail of the lessons so that the student receives the best experience possible. The utmost care is given to assure; comfort, quality and above all safety.

You’re in Good Hands

We are a legitimate permitted service provider with State and County Permits for commercial operations. Do not be fooled by imitators. Plus we only use experienced and Current Certified instructors. Our instructors are all qualified kiteboarding instructors and all have current Kiteboarding Instructor Certifications, all instructors also have CPR, First aid, training and Opaca training.

Maui is the Best place to Kiteboard

Kiteboarding evolved right here on Maui, and we are fortunate to be at the heart of the world’s best place to kiteboard. Maui has the most reliable wind for kiteboarding, so we get more days to ride here than anywhere else. We also have warm water to practice in too. Learning is easier when you enjoy falling in the water as much as riding on top of it. We believe that learning to kiteboard should be fun. So we take our time to ensure that you learn all the necessary skills.

How difficult is Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding combines wind and water, so it can be a technical sport in the beginning. In our kiteboarding lessons, we explain the steps thoroughly so that you will understand the principals as well as feel in control. We know that when you feel in control, your comfort level goes way up, and you will learn much faster, and build your motivation. For a full detailed description of the learning progression, we have an entire section.

Try Kiteboarding

Day one is lots of fun and might be the beginning of your new favorite sport. Try our one-day intro to kiteboarding class, to check out the sport. After your first day you will want to do some more kiting, so we have longer courses for you too. Go day by day or book one of our longer courses. You can go 1-day up to 20-days or more, it is all up to you. There are many different options available for you, so check out the lesson packages below to see which one is right for you. Our classes are available seven days a week, at Kanaha kite beach on the north shore. There are two times per day, 10:30 am or 2:00 pm. All lessons are strictly by appointment only and must be pre-booked. So please call ahead to make a reservation.

About Our Kiteboard Lessons

If it is your first time, you are in good hands. We have the Best kiteboarding instructors and we want you to have a safe and fun learning experience. Toward this goal we offer:
* Experienced Certified instructors.
* Kiteboard safety and skills manual.
* Helmets, Vests, Shirts, & Shoes.
* The Best safety systems.
* Easy to fly 4 line “bow” kites.
* Easy to ride “twin-tip” boards.

Our Location

Our kiteboarding lesson programs are taught at world-famous Kite Beach Maui which is on the western end of the Kanaha Beach park. This North Shore location has the best wind for kiteboarding, and some long sandy beaches great for kiteboarding. Kitebeach is just 2 minutes drive from Kahului Airport. Click here for our Maps page.