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About Us

Serving Maui Since 1998

Our Business: Maui Sports Unlimited is a family-owned and operated business. We are passionate about new experiences, outdoor adventures and unlimited smiles. Maui Sports Unlimited was founded in 1998. Bringing together the talents of career instructors and creative thinkers.  The mission was to break out of the conventional mold and cater to a different demographic. We opened the doors for our youth to access and enjoy our favorite ocean sports. Our goal- to be of service to the community, and to provide individuals and families with the support to enable them to participate in the ocean sports altogether. Our simple objective resonated with the community and sparked a resurgence of participation and revitalization of our favorite sports.

Our Focus: We have grown with the support of our students, families, and friends, and the overwhelming support from our watersports community. At Maui Sports Unlimited we have helped many people to create healthy lifestyles that will last for a lifetime. Sharing our passion for watersports has changed our lives, and the lives of so many young people and many not so young too. Through our programs we have touched the lives of thousands of families, sometimes three generations in the same family. And we continue to be blessed to live and play each day on our beautiful island home of Maui.

Our Location: Our location contributes so much to the types of activities we share and enjoy. Our ocean conditions and weather here in the islands are perfect for all our needs. On Maui are able to enjoy our water sports all year round. Maui is also one of the windiest places on the planet. With reliable trade winds and a huge valley that funnels the wind for us. Maui has become the place for wind and water ocean athletes to live and train. Maui is famous among the wind-sports community. And many hardcore windsurfers and kiteboarders will make annual pilgrimages to Maui.

Our Programs: Our programs are now enjoyed by a mixture of local Ka’amaina families and visitors alike, kids of all ages, 4 to 84 years young. We believe in nurturing the motivation and pushing back the boundaries. This is possible thanks to our talented team of dedicated coaches and instructors. Each one shares our philosophy and joy for the ocean. Our team is growing with the addition of some young coaches that have grown up with our kids’ programs and have the desire to give back their passion and knowledge.

Our Methods: While we are having fun we are also learning new skills. We believe in creating this passion in others by igniting the imagination and nurturing one’s natural motivations. When you enter one of our programs, we guide you through new experiences and skills that will enable you to fully enjoy the activity. Our focus is on family fun through the enjoyment of ocean recreation activities of windsurfing, surfing, and kiteboarding. In addition, our knowledgeable staff is able to organize any equipment needs, activities, coaching, accommodations, and travel needs too. We invite you and your family to come and join us for some new adventures and unlimited fun.

Our Sports: In addition to our regular classes in Surfing Windsurfing and kiteboarding, we have also added more classes in Standup Paddle Surfing (SUP). We have been teaching standup for the last few years and enjoy it so much. We decided to include more classes to our program and have been gradually bringing it to a wider audience.  Standup is now the fastest growing form of surfing that has gained huge popularity around the world. The appeal of Standup is that learning it can be easier than surfing, and it is not only fun but a great core workout too. Standup has been described as many things including “standup snorkeling” because it is a great way to tour the reef on a calm day.

Our Surf Club: We are proud of our Surf Club location in Kihei. It is home to our kids surfing programs and surf sports education center. All our students and friends are welcome to come and enjoy our facilities. We will be hosting more courses and having some great social events too at our location.

Beginner Surfing Lessons are held at Kalama Park in Kihei. just south of the whale statue.

Kalama Park in Kihei is located on Maui’s South Shore. Between North Kihei and Wailea. Just minutes from the Wailea Resort area. Just off South Kihei Road, and four miles south from north Kihei. When driving down south Kihei Road, look for the huge concrete whale statue on the “Makai” Side (ocean side). Just to the south of that is a large parking area. Look for our new SurfClubMaui Surf Van (Parked in the Public Parking Lot opposite Kihei Cafe). Meet at our new Surf Club Maui Van in the public parking lot at Kalama Park (We are opposite the  Kihei Cafe).

North Shore Map (Wind-Sports)

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Kalama Park, Kihei Map

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