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Kitesurfing Lessons

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Kiteboarding 1-Day
Kiteboarding 3-Day
Kiteboarding 5-Day
Kiteboarding 10-Day
KiteboardingĀ Advanced
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Maui Kitesurfing School

The MSU Kiteboarding School has focused on giving the highest level of personalized attention to each and every student. Close attention paid to every detail of the lessons so that the student receives the best experience possible. The utmost care is given to assure comfort, quality, and above all, safety.

Kitesurfing evolved right here on Maui, and we are fortunate to be at the heart of the world’s best place to kiteboard. Maui has the most reliable wind for kiteboarding, so we get more days to ride here than anywhere else. We also have warm water to practice in too.

Learning is easier when you enjoy falling in the water as much as riding on top of it. We believe that learning to kiteboard should be fun so we take our time to ensure that you learn all the necessary skills.

Kiteboarding appeals to an ever-widening range of people. With smaller kites being made available, this has allowed smaller and lighter people to enter the sport.

Fitness: All participants must be able to swim. Participants must be fit enough for this type of activity.