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Our Summer Fun Kids Camp is a great way for kids to learn the sport in a social environment. The gear is easy to use and the kids feel success right away. The three-day Kiteboarding day-camps include kite-flying skills, some theory, some safety talks. Kids work together in small groups 3-4 kids to 1 instructor. These youth power camps enrich the lives of the students and promote healthy active lifestyles. Kids receive a certification Card upon completion of their three-day course.

, kids-kiteboarding-camps, Maui Sports Unlimited, Maui Sports UnlimitedRunning since 1998 our Summer Kids Kite Camps have been a great success. We are Maui’s Original Kids Kiteboarding Camp and have specialized in promoting kids kiteboarding. Kids come back several times a summer and sometimes several summers in a row. We also have advanced classes for the slightly older kids that have progressed beyond the beginner’s program.

Located at Kanaha Beach Park
We are located in Kahului at Kitebeach, we are blessed with reliable tradewinds and warm water. Our summer Kids Kite camps start at 10:00 am each (camp) day when the winds are calmer, and to get the young ones going.  The students set up their gear and carry it to the training area on the beach for learning to fly the kites.  Each day we break for a snack and do some beach exercises, fun theory, & safety talks. Each day the kids will do exercises and games to explore wind, and kite power and acquire many skills along the way. The emphasis in Kite Camp is on creating a positive experience, gaining confidence, and forge a good attitude towards the sport and the elements. Kids will learn about the sport by acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to participate safely.

Goals and Expectations: Kiteboarding is a technical Sport, that combines two skill sets: Board Skills and Kite Skills. Plus kids will need to learn about wind, and weather and water safety.  Each person is unique, some have previous experience (skateboard, wakeboard, sailing, windsurfing etc), And that will help add to their knowledge base, However, some kids will be seeing and trying these skills for the very first time. And there is a lot to learn and a lot of information to cover. *Parents should recognize that it may take several camps to get all of the skills for independent kiteboarding. On average between 15-30 hours. Kids should always be supervised when kiting by a responsible kiteboarder, example, A teacher, a kite coach or a kiteboarding parent.  Parents that want their kids to progress faster should consider taking up the sport, or at least getting a few lessons so that they can assist the kids on the beach as needed when practicing after the Camp.

, kids-kiteboarding-camps, Maui Sports Unlimited, Maui Sports UnlimitedThe course is for kids 9 to 16 years of age. Camps are usually a mixture of local school kids and some summer visitors too. Many of the local kids are from families and are second generation kiters. Our visitor’s children are often a mix of newbies and some from families that have been visiting the islands for years. This is a great opportunity for local kids to mix in with some new kids and see some new faces.

No experience is necessary:
If kids have a little experience, a lot or no experience at all, our program will work for them. Some of our kids will be working on the fundamentals, while others will be doing some more advanced techniques. Just let us know where they are at and we can get them going.

What to Bring: To help keep our prices down. We recommend that Kids bring their own booties. Their lycra rashguard shirt is supplied. Please ensure your child has some good waterproof sunscreen and a hat. Sunglasses are optional but if you have them they should also have a leash.  *Kids feel the cold more than adults so we recommend that they bring a shorty wetsuit (spring suit). *All participants must be able to swim in deep water (over their heads) and be comfortable in the water.
*Kids must be physically fit for the activity. *Please let us know if your child has any special needs we should be aware of.

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