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Kiteboarding Equipment

Kiteboarding Equipment


a kite flying in the airOur school uses the Best equipment available. We are fortunate to have the very latest equipment in our school. We have selected the latest and easiest equipment that will help you learn faster and safer. Do not be confused by all the different gear that is available, we will provide you with all the gear you need, select the kite sizes for you, and explain to you the different types of gear that is available. After your lessons you will have a clearer understanding of the different kite types, and which equipment you might want to buy later.

Bow Kites & Twin Tips:

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We use the latest Best Bow kites in our lessons. Bow kites are much safer and easier to use because you can stop whenever you want. Bow kites have 100% depower, which means you are in control, not the kite. We have all different kite sizes to suit riders of different sizes. Small people will use smaller kites, and beginners will use smaller kites than advanced riders. We also change kites sizes depending on the wind’s speed. Best Kites are the worlds most popular kite brand, and you get to test drive the latest models during your lessons.

Board Types:

a close up of a logoTwin-tips are boards that look like wakeboards or snowboards. They have foot-straps to hold your feet, and they have fins at both ends. They ride forwards and backward without having to change your foot position. These boards are the easiest boards to learn on. If you have ever snowboarded or wakeboarded, you will find the board skills very similar. Twin tips are small and compact, and stay with you when you move. These twin-tip boards are more intuitive to ride than other board types.

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